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Uprooting a family during a relocation always comes with challenges, excitement, and apprehension at the same time.

Are you relocating to Colorado Springs as a result of 

  • PCS orders? 
  • To be closer to family? 
  • Are you handling your family’s home sale as part of an estate? 
  • Maybe it’s the draw of our magnificent mountains that beckon you to explore their hills and satisfy your sense of adventure that fueled your move. 
  • Or perhaps you’re one of the many folks who have discovered the benefits of retiring in Colorado Springs. 

Whatever the reason for relocating, it’s a big, disruptive life decision.

Our team has years of experience handling the intricacies of a major life change.

As you adjust to your new surroundings, we know you will want to know which coffee shops are the best, the ideal part of town to practice your golf swing, or which Colorado Springs school districts are top-ranked. See COMMUNITY INFO

We know how to handle the unique aspects of being in the military, what it’s like to move to place where you don’t know anyone, and what it means to want to be close to family – but not too close.

You need a team of people who are well-connected in the city and are in tune with the latest happenings. People who also know where to find the best homes with large lots, kid-friendly neighborhoods, hidden gems for stately homes, uptown funk lofts for the independent and outgoing, or where to find the best homes with a mountain view.

Relocating to Colorado Springs involves more than finding a new home. It's about getting settled.

Settling into the right location and connecting with folks who “get” you. 

  • We go out of our way to connect you with reputable service providers that can take care of any creaks and leaks that may pop up later. 
  • We listen to your heart and handle your family’s relocation with professionalism, excellence, and superior service.

At Peak Success Team, we understand that you are leaving your home, and maybe even part of your heart. We’ll do everything possible to make relocating to Colorado Springs smooth so that you can relax and feel at home again.

Call us today at 719-229-2153 and we’ll be your first friends in Colorado Springs!

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