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At Peak Success Team, our heart is to provide caring, top-notch service assisting those who need to sell a home as part of real estate liquidation.

Our team has a combined 44 years of real estate experience dealing with every type of real estate transactions. However, we are proud to be the go-to realty for specialized services in real estate liquidation and home estate sales in Colorado Springs. 

Selling real estate after the loss of a family member, or other sensitive situation, can be complicated. Property liquidation can also happen in the cases of bankruptcy, critical illness, or moving an elderly family member to an assisted living facility.  You need a team of professionals knowledgeable in the industry who also understand the deep, sometimes mixed, emotions that are part of the equation.

You need someone who can help you navigate issues with probate court, wills, or trusts that impact how property is liquidated. Someone who knows the ins-and-outs and can refer other professionals that may need to be involved. 

We understand that you’re letting go of memories, sifting through family heirlooms, and dealing with multiple family members at the same time. Estate sales can be taxing on your emotions and pocket book if not handled properly.

With a listening ear and in-depth knowledge, we can show you what to do each step of the way.

Our team gives you compassionate but capable and professional help to navigate these waters.


We’ve learned that in most cases, family members are thrust into real estate liquidation or estate sales suddenly. They’re caught off guard, which can add to the stress. After we’ve successfully assisted our clients with their real estate liquidation, many of these families then ask us what they can do to prepare for their future. Their desire is to ease the pressure for their family.

We can make recommendation on how to start now in preparing and thinking about your real estate plans for the future.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about real estate liquidation and home estate sales. Call us at 719-229-2153. We’d love to talk with you.

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